LIFE Remine Water partners visit the project’s Mining Water Living Lab during the 3rd Monitoring Meeting

The LIFE Remine Water partners met last 27th April in Sandfire MATSA facilities at the Aguas Teñidas Mine in Huelva (Spain) on occassion of this year’s Monitoring Meeting

This encounter was aimed at updating the project’s progress, discussing the on-going actions and defining the next steps, including the project’s pilot launch. The NEEMO LIFE team, an entity that reports directly to the European Commission, was in charge of reviewing the proper technical and financial progress of the project. In general, the impressions and comments of the monitor were positive regarding the construction of the Mining Water Living Lab, the pilot plant of the project, as well as the next steps.

Before the meeting, all the attendees had the opportunity to visit one of MATSA’s wastewater treatment plants, next to which the Mining Water Living Lab is located. During the visit, they learned more about the company’s objective of making a progressively more responsible, sustainable use of this resource, through modern water infrastructures for the treatment, regulation, and handling of water. 

The Mining Water Living Lab is ready to be launched

After months of preparation, the LIFE Remine Water project will soon launch its Mining Water Living Lab. This space, designed to be the first platform for technological experimentation in water treatment in the mining sector, will have as its objective the research and development of innovative treatment solutions supported by renewable energies to promote the recovery of resources and the reuse of water in the mining sector industries.