The notice board of LIFE Remine Water, installed in the pilot plant

An informative notice board has been installed in the LIFE Remine Water pilot plant, located in Aguas Teñidas Mine at Sandfire MATSA facilities, in Huelva (Spain). The main objective of this material is to introduce the LIFE Remine Water project and the LIFE Programme to those visitors that, throughout the lifetime of the project, will have first-hand contact with the pilot plant, including project stakeholders, potential end-users and technical audiences, among others.

 The notice board gives an overview of the project objectives and outlines what is the pilot plant studying. In this case, in Aguas Teñidas Mines (Huelva), Remine Water has developed a pioneering treatment train for the by-products recovery and reuse of wastewater in the mining sector. This innovative system will be powered by solar thermal energy, thus reducing its carbon footprint and making the process more environmentally and economically efficient. The infographic of the project is also showcased in the Notice Board to ease the comprehension of the current process and the alternative proposed by Remine Water.